Deep in German forests, there’s a hidden magic: moor earth. For hundreds of years it has been used as a natural form of healing in Germany. This mysterious black liquid doesn’t only look powerful, it really has ‘magical’ powers.

The Team

The Story

Gundolf before ending up with a tense muscle

The Aha-moment

Almost each Wednesday, after his weekly tennis session, Gundolf came home, halfway unable to walk. While it looked funny, you could hear how painful this was. One wrong move and his lower back muscles were extremely tense. There was no reason to worry though, as he knew how to solve it. Binding a moor heating pad on his back for as short as 15 minutes made him free to move again. This was kind of magic, but nothing special to us, as we know and use moor heating pads for ages.

On a one week father-daughter holiday in Miami, Gundolf and Victoria were super excited about all those tasty food opportunities that we completely overate.

To compensate we played tennis the next day – and who would have thought – Gundolf ended up with a tense lower back muscle. Unfortunately he didn’t bring his moor heating pad so that he searched online for it.

Surprisingly there were no moor heating pads available in the USA! Desperate in wanting to soothe this stabbing pain he ordered several alternatives, such as an electric heating pad, one filled with rice and one filled with a chemical gel.

After they arrived one day later he was excited and optimistic to try them and hopefully finally get rid of his pain. Wrapped in heating pads, even several at the same time, he sat there the whole afternoon, hoping that the pain would go away. Nothing.

But what made moor so different from all the other heating substances?

it is the unique structure of the moor substance

The magic of moor

Back in Germany there were two things we had to find out:
Why are moor heating pads the only heating pads that really work? And why are they not available in the USA?

The first question was quite solvable and delivered after in depth investigation and conducting studies the following answer:
It is the unique structure of the moor substance.

Through a year long process herbs, seeds,
fruits, trees and roots evolve into moor through the exclusion of air. The resulting structure is very similar to the structure of human body tissue and comes with an extreme temperature storage capacity. You could even call it the ‘liquid concentrate of nature’.

As the human body is made of 60% water, physiotherapists recommend to use moist heat in order to get the healing heat penetrated into deeper located areas. This is linked to the ‘heating penetration capability’. Due to the mixture of 60% water and other molecules the human body tissue has a heating penetration capability of 0,005m/s.

With common moist heat options like wet warm towels a similar temperature source structure can be reached which results in a similar heating penetration capability. A similar heating penetration capability is important, because it makes sure that the temperature doesn’t ‘crash into a wall’ but is being transported further instead.

Unfortunately water tends to cool down very fast, so that the necessary duration (at least 15 minutes) of heat penetration over 104°F can’t be maintained, thus sore tissue that is located deeper underneath the surface won’t be affected and remains sore.

What about dry heat? Dry heat, like heat that comes from electric heating pads, has a heating penetration capability of 0,06m/s – it’s way faster than the heating penetration capability of the human body. As mentioned above, it ‘crashes into a wall’ and only feels warm on the surface. It can’t be transported into deeper located areas.

Organic moor naturally equals the structure of human body tissue and thus has a similar heating penetration capability.
It doesn’t need the addition of water for that. According to this naturally similar pace of temperature transportation the temperature that comes from it won’t be rejected from the body tissue but is being gently transmitted. The minimum heat to soothe sore tissue is +104, which has to be continually transmitted in order reach optimal effects. Moor has an extreme temperature storage, which enables it to stay over +104°F for 110 minutes.

This magical combination of an extraordinary temperature storage alongside the similar heating penetration capability to the human body is the reason for its unique effectiveness.
The fact that the temperature transmission is sensed as extremely pleasant makes it possible to apply it with higher temperatures, causing an even more effective healing. Wow.

After we had this mystery uncovered there was one final question left: Why isn’t it available in the USA?

standing in front of the building where our office is in (Miami)

A long journey

Maybe it isn’t allowed to import German moor into the USA? For us this was the only logical reason why they were not available there yet. As we didn’t find any restrictions we made the decision:

We are going to offer the first moor heating pad in the USA.

Motivated and enthusiastic we contacted the manufacturer who produces moor heating pads for medical applications in Germany. Here we were sure that we will get safe high end quality. We established a partnering relationship, created a luxurious packaging and thought we were ready to go.

But suddenly we were confronted with an immense amount of obstacles. In order to import it we had to have an American company, a brand and an FDA registered product. Wow. We didn’t have any of those at that point. That quickly stopped our initial enthusiasm and made us come down to earth.

Good thing: Now we had the answer to our second questions. It’s highly complicated and very expensive.

We swallowed it because we knew we couldn’t just give up. It simply wasn’t acceptable to us that ‘the best heating pad in the world’ isn’t available in the USA and so we kept going.

After almost a year of spending a lot of money, a lot of time and definitely a lot of nerves in getting everything set up, MOQY® Moor Heating Pads entered the USA for the first time. But what will Americans think of them?

Heart-warming results

The first buyers came soon and left a detailed feedback. Did they like it? Did it work for them as brilliant as it did for us?

The answer is: Yes. Absolutely. Of all feedback we received there was not a single negative one. Everyone loves it! Damn were we happy. The most heart warming were those cases in which the MOQY® Moor Heating Pad changed a life and significantly increased their quality of life.

That is for example Jennie, a videographer who suffers from chronic neck and shoulder pain:

“I have chronic neck and shoulder pain and nothing has helped.
I have seen doctors and physical therapists and do daily exercise. I got the Moor Heating Pad just over a week ago and I was editing and decided to try it cold, first. I left it in the freezer for about 45 minutes and then put it on my shoulders.

Unlike ice packs, it wasn‘t painfully cold. But the cold radiated into my neck and shoulders slowly while I worked and I realized at some point that I didn‘t notice any pain. I can‘t remember the last time that happened!

I used it heated that night and it stayed warm for hours and felt like the warmth just slowly penetrated and kept my muscles loosened up and more comfortable.

Today I am at my computer all day again and am using the heat, and it helps just as much as the cold. They are both great and I love that I can use it either way and they both provide so much relief (its too cold here today to use the cold method!)

This product is the best heat/cold system I have ever used, and I have been dealing with the shoulder/neck pain for so many years.”

Another really heart warming story is the one from Jeannie, who got into a car accident with her family and suffered from severe pain afterwards:

“Three years ago I was in a car accident with my husband and daughter. Since then we have all had back pain and I have suffered from hip pain on a daily basis.

This along with the degenerative disc disease in my lower back, made the pain unbearable at times. There have been mornings that I can not even get out of bed. I have tried pain medications and other methods to relieve the pain. I slept on a heating pad every night in order to be able to rest. Nothing seemed to help a lot.

Then I heard about this heating pad and how it is different from the ones I had been using. I ordered it even though I must admit I was a bit skeptical. The first time I tried it I was in tears with the pain in my back and hip.

To my amazement, within just a few minutes the pain was so much better. I began using the pad two to three times a day and now can live a near pain free life on most days. I was so excited about it that i got my husband and daughter to try it as well. They had the same results as I did.“


Vision and mission

Create a near pain free life for the many people, by making MOQY® Moor Heating Pads available to everyone.

Quality, Integrity, Transparency, Commitment

Values we act upon


Not only our heating pads are committed to outstanding quality. We also work hard to maintain high quality relationships to every customer, employee and partner.


We believe that in the end the good always wins. That’s why we want to do things right and in harmony with society and our planet. Not only is everything proven and registered, our manufacturer also works with highly ethical production standards such as fair working conditions and a healthy environment.


We have nothing to hide and will reveal everything that you want to know.


We commit to our values and we commit to making a positive difference in our customers lives. Only when every customer is a bit happier and more pain free than before, we have reached our goal.